HJM quick release basket
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HJMBIKE Quick Release Basket

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  • Compatibility: Requires HJM rack to be used
  •  Toury
  •  Toury Step-thru
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  • Description:

    The basket is used to put more things in the ebike on the trip. And there is a quick-release design at the bottom of the basket, which is more convenient for installation.

     Does not come with the front rack. If you want to install the basket in the front of the ebike, remember to purchase a front rack.


    1. Aluminum construction

    2. Do not need any mounting hardware

    3. Easy installation

    4. Weight: 3.8 lbs

    5. Size (inch): 17.9"×13.9“×7”

    6. Maxload: Front-33 lbs, Rear-55 lbs

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    Free shipping on orders over $69, orders under $69 will have different shipping costs depending on the size and address. 

    Click HERE to learn how to install the quick release basket 




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