How to Replace the Tail Light


The tail light is an indispensable part of safe riding, the tail light with turn signal indicator ensure your safety.

ATTENTION: If you cannot install the part correctly, and follow these steps safely, we suggest you find a certified bike mechanic for assembly, maintenance and repair.

Tools and parts: the new tail light, 8mm wrench, needle nose pliers.



1.Cut the cable tie of the tail light with needle nose pliers.

2.Unplug the tail light connector, loosen the tail light bolts with 8mm wrench, remove the tail light and bolts, put it aside. Do not lose the washers in the bolts.


3.Install the new tail light, tighten the tail light bolts with 8mm wrench, pay attention to the position of the washers.

4.Locate the tail light connector, carefully press directly together without twisting. Then fix the wire harness with a cable tie.



1.Check that the cable of the tail light is connected fully.

2.Press the button “i” to turn on the e-bike system, check that the tail light is useful.

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