HJM Affiliate Program

Welcome to the HJM affiliate marketing program! Everyone can register for an account and earn commissions from your recommendations of HJM products. By following the 3 easy steps, you can share the customized links with your friends, neighbors, and audiences ( if you are an Influencer or in charge of a public platform ). Sign up now, and start earning your commissions!

Start In Just Three Simple Steps

Step 1 : Sign up

Register and join the HJM Affiliate Marketing Program

Step 2 : Recommend

Share HJM products with your friends and audiences via customized links

Step 3 : Earn

Earn up to 4% commissions from qualified orders that made through your customized links


-Q:Do I have to register for an affiliate program account?

A: Yes. Only after you have a registered account, the links you share can be recorded. So, it's very important to sign up for an account.

-Q:What are the benefits of joining the HJM affiliate program?

A: You can earn a commission on every payment made through links you share.

-Q: How do I check the orders and commissions?

A: You can see all your orders and commissions with detailed info in your account.

-Q: How do I withdraw my commission?

A: You can apply for a commission withdrawal in your account once you meet the required amount or deadline. Applications will be processed within 48 hours of weekdays, and specific arrival dates will be depending on your receiving bank.

Need More Assistance?

Need More Assistance?